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There is a message from Isis on joy and pain, which I received while staying in Egypt, and a message from (mother) Mary on our essential connectedness.

As I mentioned in earlier newsletters, this year I have been touched by the beauty and majesty of the ancient temples and tombs in Egypt, and especially the feeling of being close to “the other side” inside these places. I had been quite sceptical about overly romantic notions of ancient cultures and I still am; I think there were deeply disturbing imbalances in old Egyptian society even though this civilisation produced works of art and myths that point at higher truths.      

I feel that in this day and age, we are invited to integrate the gems of past traditions, distinguishing between the fear based and love based elements in them, and joyously embracing the elements that support us now in our current stage of development.

When I receive messages from Isis, she feels like a universal energy, very fresh and alive, and she is not bound to a specific time or place, or specific images that were created of her in the past, although some of these images still convey her spirit in a lovely way. She is not a person to me, and I actually don’t care so much what she is exactly, as the touchstone of truth for me is in the messages she delivers. They speak about life and death, joy and pain, light and dark in a way that feels liberating to me. I am grateful for this new source of inspiration and I will return to Egyptin December this year, offering workshops and visits to the most powerful places around Luxor(ancient Thebe). For more information on the trip, see below.

Dancing through Life (Pamela channels Isis)

"The energy of joy and the energy of pain or darkness deeply belong together. Inside the darkness there is always a craving for liberation, for life. Darkness yearns to be released. And when the energy of joy embraces it with acceptance and lightness, the darkness cannot resist and it will open up. Because everything that is dark, both inside of you and inside the world, longs for life, longs for liberation." 

See section News for the whole channeling

Everything is Connected (Pamela channels Mary)

"We are of one and the same family, connected through the heart and never really separated from one another. Only in the illusion of material reality do we seem apart and separated, but in reality everything is connected. Souls cannot be separated, only bodies can be. Bodies are bound to time and space, but souls are not bound. Souls are continually in connection with one another and in a process of energetic exchange, even though this is not always perceptible to your everyday consciousness."

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–    Spiritual journey to Egypt with Pamela Kribbe –

December 2–10, 2017


This year I have been profoundly touched by the energy of Egypt: the beauty and splendor of the ancient temples, the wisdom present in its old culture and the powerful yet nurturing presence of mother Earth there.

I made two journeys to the city of Luxor, which is surrounded by very impressive temples and tombs, and during my workshops I channelled the spirit of Isis (goddess of love, joy, healing and fertility). One of her messages, "Dancing through Life" has been published on, as well as a channeling from Jeshua about "Life, consciousness and the heritage of ancient Egypt". (More on my connection with Isis below).

In December of this year, I will organise another trip to Luxor for an international group. I will present the workshops in English, and there will be simultaneous translation into French (by Kate Bentley, who co-organises the trip with me).

There will be room for 18 people maximum.  

I organise this trip in close cooperation with the management of the Gezira Garden Hotel in Luxor, who will provide us with accommodation, meals, transfer services and a licensed guide.

Throughout the 8 days of the trip, we will stay in this hospitable and well-equipped hotel, while making daytrips to the various sites by (comfortable and air-conditioned) taxi-bus.

There will be three workshops on three different days with Questions and Answers rounds, and every participant will have the opportunity to ask a personal question to which you will receive a channelled answer.

The program

Generally, there will be activities both in the morning and (late) afternoon, and there will be some hours to relax after lunch. In December, temperatures are generally very pleasant, around 23 degrees Celsius and higher, but it can get chilly in the mornings and evenings.

We will have dinner together every night around 19.30h.

Saturday Dec 2:    Arrival and settle in.  

Most international flights arrive in Luxorat 23:59h, so probably you will arrive this day at midnight. We have a relaxed program the next day, so you have time to adjust and settle in.

Sunday Dec 3:     

Morning: Late breakfast (9h-11h), where we will all meet.
Drive with taxi-bus around Luxor(city, countryside, desert), lunch and relaxing time.

Afternoon: introduction by Pamela, dinner and visit of the Luxor Temple in the evening.

The LuxorTemple is close to our hotel, just across the Nile, and has a soft and gentle energy. In the evening, it is lit up which adds to the magical atmosphere. 

Monday Dec 4:

Morning: Visit to Karnak Temple Complex

Afternoon: boat trip on the magical Nile (watching the sunset with a drink).

Karnak is one of the biggest temple complexes in the world, it is grand and majestic and it has some powerful energy spots where the veil with “the other side” is thin and you can sense healing and empowering energy. 

Tuesday Dec 5:    

Morning: Workshop I (9.00 – 12.00)

Afternoon: Visit of the Valley of the Nobles, which holds some lesser known but very special tombs with beautiful carvings and paintings, showing wonderfully detailed scenes of everyday life. It is very quiet here, which is a nice extra. 

Wednesday Dec 6:

Morning: Visit of the famous Valley of the Kings, a valley in the desert near Luxorwhich is the home of many magnificent pharaoic tombs. We will visit four of them, including the tomb of Tutanchamon.
On our way back, we’ll briefly visit a stone factory where handmade, good quality statues and gifts are produced.

Afternoon: Visit of Hatshepsut Temple. Hatshepsut was a female pharaoh, known for her peaceful rule, and for the fact that she was wearing man’s clothes! The majestic temple testifies to her eventful life and is surrounded by stunning cliffs. 

Thursday Dec 7:

Morning: Workshop II  (9.00 - 12.00)

Afternoon: We will visit a Nubian Style house where women produce and sell handmade clothes. This house was built as a workshop and sales room by the Luxor Governor for Nubian women in Luxorto help and support them earning their own living and to keep their culture.

Friday Dec 8:

Daytrip to Temple of Abydos, visiting Nag Hammadi (the finding place of the Gnostic Gospels) on the way back.    

For the Ancient Egyptians, Abydoswas one of the holiest sites in the world. As the cult center of the god Osiris and gateway to the underworld (believed to lie under the nearby hills), it was a popular place of pilgrimage and burial.

Abydos takes a few hours to drive from Luxor. We’ll have a chance to see the desert driving there, and on our way back we will stop at the village of Nag Hammadi, where the famous early-Christian, Gnostic writings were found in 1945 (we cannot visit the exact location of the findings though).
This will be a full-day trip (8h – 17h) and we’ll have lunch on our way.


Saturday Dec 9:  

Morning: Workshop III (9.00 – 12.00) 

Afternoon: we will visit the Valley of the Workers (Deir el Medina), where in old times the artists used to live, creating their works of art for the temples and tombs. We’ll visit a little temple nearby, which has a wonderfully fine energy, and take a stroll through the desert (with our guide), feeling its powerful and cleansing energies.  

Sunday Dec 10: Departure

(Please note that we will not visit the famous Pyramids of Gizeh, these are located near Cairo, about 800 kmaway from where we are. It's possible of course to visit them on your own, if you fly through Cairo).

The workshops: "Healing the Wounded Heart"

There will be three workshops on three mornings and in each of them I will offer an introduction, channelling and Q&A round. Throughout the week, each participant will have the opportunity to ask a personal question and receive a channelled answer to it.

DAY I The wound of separation

At the bottom of our fears, negative emotions and destructive relationship patterns is a deep wound: the feeling of being separated from the Whole, being a meaningless fragment, disconnected from love, joy and safety. This creates the sensation of an empty hole inside of us, which we desperately seek to fill with different things, for instance success, recognition, romantic infatuation, possessions or addictions. Most of us find out at some point that none of this works. We find out through crisis or conscious spiritual effort or both. The question then becomes: how do I fill this hole inside, how do I heal the wound of separation in me?

Through channelling and Q&A, this question will be addressed in various ways; the aim is to make you discover your own way of healing yourself.

DAY II Healing the wound of the feminine and the masculine

Struggling with our wound of separation, we hope for healing in our intimate relationships. However, there are wounds in both the masculine and the feminine energy which can create misunderstanding and emotional pain between the sexes. How can we integrate the feminine and masculine energies inside ourselves, and move from relationships based on need and want to ones based on true companionship and abundance?

Through channelling and Q&A, this question will be addressed in various ways; the aim is to get a deeper understanding of your own relationships and how to let go of patterns of fear and dependence.

DAY III Living from the heart

As we heal the wound of separation inside ourselves, the heart energy can slowly take over and guide us in our everyday life. How do we connect with our soul, our intuition and how do we distinguish between the voice of the heart and the voices of fear and doubt? What contribution do we like to make to the world of today, what is our unique gift and how do we express it?

Through channelling and Q&A, this question will be addressed and you are encouraged to listen to your own heart and trust its guidance.

All channelings and Q&A will be recorded and sent to you afterwards by e-mail.

My own inspiration: Isis Returns!

When I walk through the old, magnificent temples of Egypt, I sense an energy there that uplifts me and makes me feel joyful without reason. As I tune more deeply into this sensation, I feel connected to the energy of Isis, the Egyptian goddess of love and life, sometimes compared with the energy of mother Mary, which might be the Christian counterpart of this archetypical feminine energy.

However that may be, I channelled Isis several times during my previous workshops there, and was inspired by the sense of lightness and joy that pervaded me. I knew that I wanted to return to Egypt and drink more from this source!

For me, this journey is a celebration of the old yet ever fresh and young energy of Isis, the goddess of love and abundance. Isis is the heart energy in every one of us, man or woman, unscathed by the heavy and dense energies of this world.

In ancient Egypt, her energy was present in the temples and art of that time, but it was never completely received, similar to how the Christ energy could not be fully integrated on earth when Jeshua delivered his message of love and hope. Earth society was still too much in the grip of fear and power struggle to turn these impulses into new ways of relating to each other; they were like seeds laying dormant and waiting to awaken.

In part the seeds are still waiting…. and not outside of us, but inside.

However, consciousness is changing right now, there are opportunities for all of us, and I hope this trip will offer one such opportunity to rekindle the energy of the heart in our troubled world.


Practical information


Our home base will be the Gezira Garden hotel in Luxor, which provides good facilities and high quality, fresh food. And it has a swimming pool!

Take a look at their website: apart from info about the accommodation, you’ll find interesting info and pictures of Luxorand its historical surroundings. 

The hotel can provide you with vegetarian meals if you let us know beforehand.


The overall price will be 950 euro if you register before October 1, and 1050 euro if you register after October 1. This includes a single room for 8 nights, all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), all trips (including museum tickets, transfers and guide) and all workshops. You will receive a link to the audio files of the workshops afterwards by e-mail.

If you are a couple, or want to share a room with a friend, you will have a spacious apartment with two bedrooms and two bath rooms for the same overall price.

This price is excluding your flight ticket, your drinks at the hotel and tips.

At the end, I will collect tips for the hotel staff and our guide, which is customary and much appreciated in Egypt, and I’m asking you to kindly contribute 20 euro for this (15 euro for the staff and 5 euro for the guide).

Regarding drinks: you need to use bottled water (which you can buy at the hotel or in shops around it, and it’s inexpensive). The prices for other drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are lower than in Europe, you probably don’t need to spend more than 10 euro per day on it.

Egyptian pounds

You can change euros into Egyptian pounds at the reception desk of the hotel (both small and large amounts).

Generally, you can pay in euro in most shops (not coins but notes) but it is practical to have some Egyptian pounds too because the prices for small groceries are so low that it is convenient so have some notes of 10, 20 and 50 pounds(10 poundis around 60 euro cent, 50 poundsis 3 euro).

There are some ATM machines in Luxor.

Visa and Passport

For many countries, as a visitor of Egyptyou can obtain a visa upon arrival at the airport of Cairo. To be sure, please check with the Egyptian embassy or consulate in your country.

To acquire a visa upon arrival, you need to go to one of the banks at the airport of Cairo and you will get a visa for 25 euro. The banks to obtain the visa are situated along the way to the passport control. You only need to show your passport, you don’t need photos or anything else.

For your transit to Luxor you need to follow the “Domestic Flights” sign.

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival to Egypt.


To make your registration definite, I will ask you to make an initial payment of 350 euro. The remainder of 600 euro is due before October 1, 2017.

If you register after October 1, please make the full payment of 1050 euro at once.

I will send payment info to you after receiving your registration.

Please don’t book your flight until you receive a definite confirmation from me and Kate.

Flying to Luxor and transfer to hotel

There are not many direct flights to Luxor. You will probably have to fly to Cairo and take the plane to Luxor from there.

Our hotel provides a pick-up service.

You will be picked up by a taxi driver who will wait for you just outside the entrance of the airport, holding a sign with "Pamela Kribbe" on it.
The cost of the transfer is included in the price of the trip.


If you would like to register, or if you have specific questions, please contact me at

(At this moments, there are still 5 spaces available).

Warm regards,

Gerrit and Pamela

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