Newsletter January 2018

Dear reader,

Our warmest wishes to you for the New Year!
We are happy to share some recently channelled material with you and to announce a new trip to Egypt with Pamela.
There are five new channelings available on, three of which were recently received in Egypt and belong together.

- Two new channelings from mother Earth

- Egypt channelings December 2017

- Channeling Workshop with Pamela Kribbe in Egypt (April 2018)

Two new channelings from mother Earth

The Interplay Between Soul and Earth

"If you look at what emotions disrupt the body the most, you will see that fear is the main one. Fear grips your energy and causes you to lose your grounding, which in turn causes you to not listen sufficiently to the natural flow of your heart, your body, your soul. When you are taken over by fear, you contract into your ego and you withdraw your light from your body. The light can no longer flow naturally throughout your body or radiate outwardly. As a result of such contracting, you eventually become tired and exhausted, and you do not nurture your body in an optimal way."

There is Always a Choice

"You stand between two forces as a human being – the Earth and your soul – but you can get buried under the negative ideas and judgments of the human world that surrounds you. And if you feel yourself to be small because of these societal judgments, and thereby make yourself small, then you have little resistance against the flow of negative energy. The cold permeates you and you feel even more small and powerless. The problem – for me, the Earth, and the Cosmic forces that want to assist you – is that we will never force you to be open to us. As a human being, you have free will, a possibility of choice, and therein lies the source of all growth and evolution: that you can choose."

channelings December 2017

These three channelings are available as audio files as well as text files; they were received by Pamela in English during a recent workshop in Egypt and they were simultaneously translated into French so you’ll hear the French interpreter’s voice too.

1. The seeds of wholeness inside you wish to sprout (Jeshua)

You have come here to Egypt to rejoin with a deeper part of your soul. It is your greater being, your higher awareness, that you are seeking to express and channel down to Earth.
It has been necessary for a number of lives to really submerge into duality and all the emotions it brings. You had to truly experience life without knowledge and knowingness. But now you are ready to move on. And that does not mean that you reject duality, it doesn't mean you send away your inner child. Instead you embrace it and then…. the most beautiful dance of creation arises.

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2. You are the creators - I am here to support you (Isis)

As an angel I am different from you. I'm not an individual being, I'm not a soul, an individual soul like you. You are creators because of your unique individuality; you create something new in the universe just by being you. Angels and angel energies are there to support you, to hold you and remind you of the oneness out of which you were born. You do not yet understand the miracle of you, of you being a creator.
Now I am taking you back to the ancient days of Egypt. People were living here and working here and they lived quite unconsciously. They felt trapped inside their bodies, inside their animal nature. There was no memory inside of their divine nature. Then a cosmic impulse came from the universe to awaken consciousness in humanity. And you are very much a part of this impulse.

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3. Fully human and fully divine (Atlantis – Egypt– Now) (Jeshua)

You have evolved a lot since the ancient days of Egypt. At that age there was a cosmic impulse entering this land, and as I said before, you were inside this impulse. The highest part of you, the most knowledgeable and evolved part contributed to this from the soul level. This part of you loves Earth and it cherishes humanity. You are almost like a parent for humanity and Earth. However humanity at that time couldn't fully integrate or embody your messages, your energy. And so you decided to come down on Earth to incarnate again and to understand from within the difficulties, the density and the duality on Earth.

See section News for the whole channeling

Channeling Workshop with Pamela Kribbe in Egypt (April 2018)


This April (13-23) I will organize a 10-day trip in which I will offer four workshops on channeling and several guided tours to the most magnificent and sacred temples of Egypt.

I will work with a small group of only 8 people; this will create an intimate setting for the workshops and allow room for interaction and in-depth questions.

The Channeling Workshop

This workshop is for people who feel strongly drawn to channeling or are already doing it but still have doubts about various aspects of it. 

Channeling means to connect with one or more spiritual guides and to receive information from them that you express in written or spoken language.
Channeling is not something that is simply ‘given to you’; it is a skill that can be learned and trained, if you feel motivated and inspired. One of the biggest blocks for people who want to develop their channeling skills is fear, self doubt and negative self-criticism.

This workshop is for you if you are sincerely interested in developing or improving your channeling skills, or if you are already channeling but are still insecure about how reliable it is or how to express it publicly and professionally.

The workshop has the following aims:

- to clarify what channeling is, share my experiences and address central questions like ‘how do you know you are connecting with a reliable source’ and ‘how do you recognise genuine information’
- to help you discover what channeling can mean to you, personally and professionally
- to practice your channeling skills, and to receive some channelled messages yourself during the workshop
- to address fear and self doubt about using your intuitive and psychic abilities

There will be four morning workshops (see Program below). During every workshop, there will be 1. an introductory channeling, 2. opportunity to practice channeling yourself and 3. a Q&A session, in which you can ask (personal) questions to which you’ll receive channelled answers. The group will consist of only 8 people.

Some personal background info

I started channeling in 2002 and as I look back now, my biggest issue was to express myself publicly as a channel, because I felt paralysed by fear. There were different layers to the fear; the most obvious one was of being ridiculed because I was doing something that wasn’t considered ‘rational’ (I came from an academic background). I feared being ‘different’ and ‘out of the box’. I felt extremely vulnerable when channeling in front of an audience.
I later discovered that the fear had deeper causes, going beyond my current lifetime. As I received the “Lightworker Series” (available on from Jeshua, I understood that lightworker souls have a general, deep-seated fear of expressing themselves, as they were rejected for it throughout several lifetimes. This trauma affected me deeply and I see it present in many people who want to start channeling. It is however our calling to express ourselves joyously and creatively on earth and to overcome the old pain and self doubt. I experienced fear and resistance for a long time but I also increasingly felt healed and liberated by bringing forth my soul’s energy and by discovering that it is really possibly to do so and attract abundance, joy and like-minded friends on the way. If you feel drawn to channeling and feel that it is a part of who you are, learning to channel is not just about learning a new skill. It is about allowing yourself to be who you truly are and to express it joyously and without fear.

Why Egypt?

I discovered Egypt in 2017 and was amazed and impressed by the beauty and the energy of the old temples and tombs. I feel that the veil between our world and the higher realms is thin here and that these ancient places hold gateways to other vibrations, that can help us connect with our soul’s wisdom. I don’t believe that the ancient Egyptian culture was ideal and I don’t want to go back to that past – there was abuse of power as much as there was genuine spirituality. However, I feel that there are energies of light, wisdom and love still present in these ancient monuments that weren’t properly understood at the time and still want to be fully received by humanity. So I believe that as we go there, we ‘pick up’ these energies and we translate them into a grounded, practical spirituality for today.

Summary of the trip

- Four morning workshops by Pamela with a small group of 8 people
- Visiting the most powerful and sacred temples of ancient Egypt: Abydos, Karnak, Abu Simbel, Philae temple of Isis, Luxor temple and the impressive pharaonic tombs of Tutankhamen and others
- boat trips on Nasser Lake and the Nile
- Ten day stay in Aswan and Luxor in two comfortable hotels, all meals included (fresh and well-prepared, vegetarian as well)
- All transfers plus certified guide included

Price: 1450 euro (this excludes your plane ticket, visa cost of 25 euro and drinks)

Program outline

Arrival in ASWAN Friday April 13 – Departure from LUXOR Monday April 23

Day 1/April 13

Arrival by plane in Aswan (evening)

Day 2/April 14

Philae temple of Isis
Afternoon: boat trip (watch sunset/have picnic)

Day 3/ April 15

Workshop I
Afternoon: Nubian museum

Day 4/April 16

Daytrip to Abu Simbel

Day 5/April 17

Workshop II 
Afternoon: boat trip on Nasser Lake (Kalabsha Temple)

Day 6/April 18

Transfer by taxibus from Aswan to Luxor (3-4 hours)
Afternoon: Luxor Temple and Souk (market)

Day 7/April 19

Workshop III
Afternoon: Valley of the Kings (royal tombs of Tutanchamon and others)

Day 8/April 20

Daytrip to Temple of Abydos

Day 9/April 21

Workshop IV
Afternoon: Valley of the Workers (tombs of the artists)

Day 10/April 22

Temple of Karnak
Afternoon: boat trip on the Nile with drinks.

Day 11/April 23

Departure from Luxor

The trip starts in Aswan and ends in Luxor. You can fly to Aswan from Cairo and on the way back you will very likely fly from Luxor to Cairo, and then to your end destination. (Most intercontinental flights stop at Cairo). Transfers by taxi from and to the airport are included in the trip.

If you are interested in the trip and/or have questions about it, please contact me at

Warm regards,

Gerrit and Pamela



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