On this website, we present spiritual messages about inner growth, the christ energy, lightworkers, the new earth, and the transition from ego based to heart based consciousness. These messages have been received from an inner connection with Jeshua. “Jeshua ben Joseph” is the original Aramaic name for Jesus, the personification of the christ energy on earth. In these channelings, he presents himself as Jeshua, a brother and friend to us rather than the deified authority that tradition made out of him. His energy is still available to us, not so much as a fixed set of ideas or rules but as a pointer, showing us the way to the Christ within.




Who are we?

We are a married couple with our own spiritual practice in The Netherlands (Europe). We have been working with the energy of Jeshua since 2002. Pamela is channeler for Jeshua and Gerrit is regression therapist and he always accompanies Pamela in the channeling sessions.


“For me, the name Jeshua refers not so much to the historical personality of Jesus but to the universal christ energy that we are all a part of. When I channel Jeshua, I feel deeply drawn into this field of love and compassion and in that state of consciousness I receive the messages from Jeshua.” 

How to read the material

The channelings are listed in the order we received them. The Lightworker Series is basic in the sense that it explains some central notions and later messages often refer back to it. The other channelings have been received in the presence of a live audience and deal with different topic such as relationships, work, self healing and more.

To learn more about Jeshua’s identity, take a look at “Who is Jeshua?

To know more of what “channeling” means and how Pamela started channeling Jeshua, see “Biography and some notes on channeling”


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Contact information

We can be reached at aurelia@jeshua.net

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Life, consciousness and the heritage of ancient Egypt

"Egypt was the cradle and birthing ground for deep esoteric knowledge coming to earth from highly developed places in the universe. That knowledge and consciousness were received by the hearts and minds of people who were open to the influx of this bright and revolutionary new awareness. They were the artists, the writers, the common people with an open heart, and some rulers who looked beyond the need for power.  The art, the myths and the monumental buildings of old Egypt testify to the depth and power of this cosmic impulse. There is a kind of magic in the culture of ancient Egypt which you can feel calling to you as you walk among the remnants of the temples and tombs. Many among you have lived past lives in this era. You know both the light and the dark side of this culture. You innately sense what happened with the esoteric knowledge and third eye powers - how they were abused for the purpose of power struggles and warfare.
Some of you were channels or psychics yourselves and felt a real life connection with supernatural force fields and higher energies. You were in a dilemma that tore you apart: how to express your knowledge and inspiration in an environment that might use it for personal gain, or to suppress freedom and truth. There is pain inside you about the abuse of power that took place, and you may still feel haunted by the fear of compromising your integrity when you start using your gifts for psychic reading, healing and channeling today."

The Dance With Darkness

"Now ask yourself – and this is something you need to ask continually – "Why did I enter into this dance, the dance with illusion, the dance with seduction, the dance with darkness?" Because the darkness wants to be transformed through you. You are an angel of light. You wanted to take up the dance with matter and uncertainty, because there is so much love in you."

The Two Faces of God

"Life is meant to be celebrated in surrender and spontaneity. Imagine for a moment that I take you to the beginning of creation. Actually, there has never been a beginning, but to make it comprehensible, I shall speak of a beginning. Imagine that the essence of God, of creation, is a concentrated central fire full of potential, but there is still no distinction, no differentiation, only the One. Feel the deeply focused power of that fiery core. Feel a deep spacious silence that is all encompassing and at the same time also has great urgency; a pressing power that wants to open out as does a flower in the Spring. There is a longing for creation in the heart of God, a desire for experience, variety, diversity, richness in the possibilities of creation."

Healing and understanding the ancient battle between men and women

In this article, I write a story about the interaction between men and women set in the distant past. This story is based on my intuition, inspiration and past life memories. It does not correspond to the official historiography. I also take huge steps and make sharp turns at times. Reality is more nuanced. However, by drawing a pointed sketch, I try to shed light on the ancient struggle between men and women. My goal is to create clarity about this struggle so that our wounds can be healed.

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The Cross of Life

"This is a time of extremes on Earth. There is now much darkness, negativity, and fear in the collective energy field around this planet that makes people tense, and you can feel it. Feel the negativity, very objectively and without judging it or going along with it. People are being forced into a choice for despair, depression, anxiety, or for light, hope, love. Simply feel, on the one hand, the powerful wave of feelings of crisis and of being overwhelmed by the fears that come with it. And on the other hand, the potential for light and the possibility for awakened consciousness that will allow people who are in need to become very powerful and to stand up and to speak in a way that accords with their life and truth."

The Learning Process of the Soul

"You are all committed to an inner path with great determination. The only thing that brings you real fulfillment is when you begin to hear and understand the voice of your own heart and soul. That is, for all of you, just as important as the oxygen you breathe, just as basic as the bread and water which feeds your body in order for you to stay alive. And that commitment means a shift of consciousness has already taken place in you, which for many of you was the case before your birth in this lifetime. Your soul found itself in a certain phase of its development, its evolution. It felt it was now time for an earthly incarnation in which your soul could truly let itself be seen; a life in which your soul could really flow through the earthly reality of everyday life."

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Week trip to Egypt (Luxor) with workshops by Pamela, May 20-27 (FULL)

"Your site is a gift of the heavens. The channeling where Jeshua speaks of his experience answered very simply many questions I had on the Christ energy. It is full of peace, love, simplicity and a sweetness, like a light  breeze on the beach, after a hot summer day.

"Brilliant information that's beautifully clear and concise. It's really helped me gain a deeper understanding of my own journey. Thank you so much for publishing these wonderful channels on the internet."

"I have read both series on your site and am left with a wonderful sense of relief. The information from Jeshua hit home, and although new, did not feel new. I will continue to monitor your site for more material and insights. Thank You!"

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